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Our Camps Include:

  • 8 Hours of Ice Per Week
  • Training Equipment & Facilities 
  • High Tempo Drills
  • Qualified Referees During Scrimmages
  • Top Area High School Coaches

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Our Camps are Open for Registration!

Week 1 High School Challenge Camp - July 16-19

Week 2 High School Challenge Camp - July 23-26

Our Mission:

Since the summer of 2013, we have dedicated our time in providing quality, affordable ice hockey instruction both at the team and individual levels.  Utilizing the Aspen Ice in Randolph, our camp is centrally located to provide Morris County Middle and High School players the chance to condition and progress with their coaches in the off-season. The camp model is based on both a cooperative and competitive approach in which High School teams can train with each other, and then battle in 3 v 3 and 5 v 5 games. 

This camp promotes improvement for all players, the importance of hard work and conditioning, and a high value of sportsmanship.  Our instructors have played college hockey, ACHA, NCAA, as well as coached at Tier 1 and 2 club and high school varsity.  

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